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Choose Non woven bag, committed to environment protection green cycle, Join us!

Non woven box bag

Box bag, a kind of bag type innovated on the basis of Handle bag, with handle and double side gusset, can made by our ZXL-E700 Non Woven Bag Making Machine. Although the finished bag needs to turn inside out by manual, box bag have more beautiful and stronger three-dimensional effect than any previous bag type.

Loop handle bag

ZXL-D700 Non woven bag making machine Or ZXL-E700 Non woven box bag making machine can replace the traditional semi automatic machine, which uses handle-sealing point by point on non woven bag. It can reduce labor and manufacturing cost, handle sealing online, vast apply to the packing of costume, shoes, wine, gift, etc.

W-cut bag / T-shirt bag

W-cut bag, also called T-shirt bag, U-cut bag, Carry bag, one of the most popular bag type on the African plastic-banned countries. Similar to the plastic bag in our lives, usual for supermarket shopping purpose. There have 2 options to make t-shirt bag full automatically, first option: ZXL-A700 non woven T-shirt bag making machine, Second option: ZXL-A800 Double line non woven T-shirt bag making machine. But also can use Other Auxiliary Equipment - Hydraulic Pressure Punching Machine to punch bag mouth by manual.

D-cut bag

D-cut Bag, also called flat bag, D punch bag, is one of the most popular bag type on the market and the earliest appeared bag type also. It Can made by ZX Any Model Non woven Bag Making Machine. Bag mouth folding size can been adjusted and customized (Standard bag mouth folding size is 30mm). Bag bottom gusset can been adjusted and customized (Standard max gusset can reach 80mm). Any other demands, welcome to customized.

Shoes bag / Drawstring bag

Shoes bag, also called drawstring bag. ZX any model non woven bag making machine can make this type bag, Widely used in leather shoes packaging and fruit ( apples, banana, peach etc.)packing, As the non woven fabric has the advantages of antibiotic, damp proof, breathable,Using it not only avoid the fruit caused by corruption, deterioration, but also avoid the lose from insects.

RPET Non Woven Box Bag

ZX-LT500 RPET non woven box bag machine is the most advanced equipment. RPET - A new type of environmentally friendly recycled material whose yarn is made from discarded bottles. RPET material is really suited to make the all kinds of shopping bags the same as the traditional polyester, it’s become more and more popular in the world, especially in the EU & American Countries.  RPET is the more sustainable option.

Non woven cooler bag with Double-sided tape or Velcro

ZX-LT500 non woven box bag machine is the most advanced equipment. Our Insulation bag takeaway box bag is the lastest bag type on the market. We still keep changing carry bag making machine with more and more inteligent function. We can also finish Fully automatic double-sided adhesive , Handle online sealing, One time box forming, Automatic bag folding, Automatic bag handle inside folding and Automatic bag collecting etc.

Side gusset bag with online handle

Side gusset Bag, also called Organ bag, is one of the most popular bag type on the Indonesia market . It Can made by ZXL-G700 Non woven organ bag making machine. Compare with traditional way, Internal bag strip,The bag strip is neat and beautiful, easy to fix and stack.Online soft Handle is accurate and the error is small. The machine with online handle attach, does not require two times of bag management, and the material is neatly packaged directly, saving space and high work efficiency.


Our company have technicians in Jakarta & Surabaya, Indonesia from 1 -20 June, 2024. We can provide you with free after sales-service. Kindly contact us!

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